Great read by Neil Ducoff

As a working owner, when you say, “I love doing what I do” … it is a true expression of your passion and commitment for the technical and creative work that got you into business.

Your work can fulfill you. And it should.

But the day you become a business owner … what fulfills you changes. Like it or not, your focus, determination, responsibilities and accountabilities are forever changed.

It’s no longer about what your hands can create … it’s about what you can envision, execute, organize, systematize, innovate and inspire.
More than anything, it’s about your ability to be a leader.

Doing great work is a very different career path than leading great work. Doing great work is a personal expression of your creative and technical talent.

Leading great work is about growing a world-class company that is profitable and sustainable.

The size of the company doesn’t matter. In business, how effectively, precisely, uniquely and efficiently it operates is everything.

Just like your passion for your technical and creative work fulfills you as an individual … how you lead your company and your employees defines you as a businessperson.