A logo is not a brand

Your logo is not your brand. It’s simply the face of it.

Too often I get assignments to design a logo or redo a company’s logo. They tell me they want to update their brand. They want a fresh more up-to-date look. The entire conversation revolves around the logo, the colors, their t-shirts and trinkets. Very seldom do I step into those meetings to discuss interaction, language, behavior or personality. When I bring these questions up it usually sparks more questions from the client. Their brand lacks depth, it lacks a story or meaning behind their pretty logo. Here is what I believe some people are missing from their brand.

1. Interaction. How are people currently interacting with your brand? Is it mobile, is it walking through your door, or is it from word of mouth? Probably all of the above. Brands today are everywhere and your brand needs to be able to adapt in every instance. It needs to tell your story and engage your viewers in a way that creates a connection.

2. Language/personality/behavior. I tend to lump these three together, because they all tend to connect. How are you talking about your brand? How do others talk about your brand? What is your brands story? This is important when designing your logo or redoing the current one, because it’s how you’re selling your brand to others and it is definitely how your customers are selling it to their friends. Personality is what helps develop a great brand along with relationships. It makes your brand approachable, relevant and makes your audience want to engage with it. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Relationships. What are you doing to gain new customers? What are you doing to keep your current ones? How do you currently interact with your customers? When a customer walks into your store or place of business it’s an experience and a first impression can make or break you. It’s a package deal, from the logo and website all the way down to how you greet them at the door. The relationships you form will always outlive a logo or trump a cool website. People will look for one bad review before they talk about the 10 good ones.

I’ll leave you with this: “Build relationships, experiences and your story before building a website, logo or app and watch your brand truly come to life.”